` Direct Access | AdTheorent
AdTheorent has been acquired by Cadent
The newly combined company is an ID-independent omnichannel audience activation and performance platform for advertisers.

Direct Access

Direct Access gives brand and agency users
access to the A\T Platform, for the first time
ever, with a level of service not typically
provided by self-service solutions


Since 2011, AdTheorent’s advanced machine learning and media buying platform has delivered measurable real-world value for top advertisers. Built for performance, the A\T Platform leverages machine learning technology to optimize KPI performance, delivery, and costs.

Data Science as a Service

Data scientists build, deploy into Platform, and evaluate custom campaign
models daily, complementing
network-wide models

Client Services

Dedicated account managers
consult on campaign setup
& execution

Campaign Optimization

Experienced traders advise
on campaign strategies
and optimization

Designed for ease of use

Developed from the ground up - by traders, for traders - the A\T Platform automates tasks and workflows, allowing teams to manage campaigns with ease and efficiency.

  • Automated ML model creation & updates
  • \
  • Efficiency and outcome-based models
  • \
  • Price & performance optimizers
  • \
  • Centralized cost management
  • \
  • Real-time pacing analysis


Built from a mobile-first perspective, the
omni-channel A\T Platform has evolved over time to
meet advertiser needs in an evolving industry.

Targeting available:

  • \ Predictive Targeting
  • \
  • \ Geo-Intelligence Suite
  • \ Multiple DMP Integrations
  • \
  • \ Contextual Targeting
  • \ Signal Targeting
  • \
  • \ Demographic Targeting
  • \ Retargeting
  • \
  • \ 50+ Third-Party Audience Partners



Activate precise geographic information,
for location-based targeting.

The A\T point of interest database provides
a diverse set of consumer-focused retail and
service businesses, leisure and geographic
features and landmarks all available for
targeting within the platform.

Geo-Intelligence Features:

  • \Geo-Fencing
  • \
  • \Geo-Retargeting
  • \
  • \A\T Point of Interest Database

Industry Awards

Machine learning innovation in advertising since 2012