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AdTheorent has been acquired by Cadent
The newly combined company is an ID-independent omnichannel audience activation and performance platform for advertisers.


Predictive Targeting

Identify and reach consumers most likely to convert

AdTheorent builds custom machine learning models using historic and real-time data to predict future actions for every campaign.

AdTheorent’s predictive platform learns who will convert and identifies the parameters driving performance.


  • Predictive Targeting

    Allow machine learning to find consumers with the highest likelihood of converting.

  • Predictive Targeting with Real-Time Signals

    Add a layer of human oversight as a complement to machine learning to analyze key demographic and psychographic model attributes most likely to drive successful campaign outcomes.

  • Predictive Audiences

    Define the audience parameters and let machine learning identify consumers within that audience who are most likely to convert.


Combine the power of predictive targeting with location

Reach consumers who are currently at, or have recently been to, a location and have the highest probability of taking a desired action.


  • Point of Interest Database

    Utilize our database of more than 14 million consumer-focused points of interest and access more than 19,000 business categories to reach your customers at scale.

  • Geo-Fencing and Geo-Retargeting

    Eliminate traditionally wasteful geotargeting by identifying consumers who are within a predetermined geo-fence, or have been to a location in the past, and only message those with the highest probability of taking a desired action.

  • Offline Visitation Measurement

    Drive new visits to a given location, verified by a third party.

Cross-Environment Map

Maps real-world and digital connections

AdTheorent uses contextual and other privacy-friendly signals to offer cross-device, relationship, and visitation targeting by identifying connections between devices and locations.


  • Cross-Device Mapping

    Message your audience across multiple devices.

  • Onboard Offline CRM Data

    Find your consumers and re-engage them across multiple digital environments.

  • Household Targeting

    Amplify your campaign message by activating all devices connected to a household.


Art & Technology

Machine learning technology is embedded within all creative delivered through the AdTheorent platform.

AdTheorent’s in-house creative technologists support brands from ideation to design, through production
and launch.


  • Machine Learning Selection

    Predict the most effective creative for each consumer.

  • Dynamic Attribute

    Elements within the creative unit are served dynamically based on real-time environmental data.

  • Advanced Predictive Creative

    Deliver personalized experiences with unique creative units designed for each consumer.